Witches of East End 1×07: Unburied (In Which We Prove to be Really Good at Predicting Things)

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This week the witches go with a cold open that sets up the two main plots for the night. In one scene Wendy is sitting bound in a chair within a magic circle while Ingrid tortures her (We are guessing this is not “our” Ingrid; we are later proved right). In the other scene, which turns out to be a dream sequence, a night spent taking inventory at the bar turns into some hot and heavy action for Freya and Killian, but then Freya wakes up next to Dash. Love triangle juxtaposition action!


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Witches of East End 1×06: Potentia Noctis

After last week’s episode whose theme seemed to be “ghosts gonna ghost,” this week we turn back to the ongoing theme of   “people always kill us.” With that, on to the recap!

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Witches of East End 01×04: Freya Remains Boring, Everyone Else Does Stuff

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We open with the big reveal…Joanna and Baldy shifter were good friends back in ye olden times. However, she knifed his ear off because he turned in her girls for doing witchcraft, for which they were burned at the bad special effects stake. However, we don’t stick around these interesting parts long enough; we go right to modern day lesson time during which we basically learn that everyone should be careful with their magic. Shocker!

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Witches of East End 1×03: Bad, Bad Baldy


We finally learn some magic this episode!

Mixing it up a bit, this episode begins with a dream sequence. However, it takes a solid three or four minutes for anyone in the audience to actually realize it’s a dream since it seems more like a series of disjointed scenes of the witches four. Freya wakes up next to her fiancee, goes to get a glass of water, and ends up sexing up Killian. Ingrid and Wendy read some tarot cards on the kitchen table, discover Ingrid is going to die, and Ingrid watches her hands turn white for what was really an unnecessarily long time. Finally, Joanna has a lot of intense staring with her shifter. But then they all wake up!

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