Cosmo November 2013: Working the Ratio


Cosmo p.146, Nov. 2013. Photographer: Craig Cutler. Annotations by R.

Article: Working the Ratio

Author: Jessica Grose

Summary: This article boils down to one sentence: How to find a man while living and working in a female-dominated environment. That’s right everyone, this entire five page spread is about how to carefully craft yourself so that the few men around you will scoop you up into the wonderful world of coupledom.

Cosmo chooses to present this information by focusing on three situations in which you may face a dearth of guys: university, your profession, and your city. The magazine gives us a wide variety of advice, but, ultimately, most of it boils down to engaging in various activities because they will help you attract a man, not because they could be enjoyable experiences. Basically, make yourself super attractive bait.


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OUAT in Wonderland 01×02: Angst, Exposition, and True Love(tm)

This week on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Alice is way more boring than she was in the premiere, the Knave gets hints of a tragic backstory, and Jafar would probably get along really well with Darth Vader.

Screen Shot 2013-10-17 at 10.56.41 PM

Dude loves to stand within arm’s reach and choke people with his mind.

To begin, the Knave is awakened to find Alice sword fighting a tree. Not a magical, sentient, evil tree, either. Just a regular, old tree. Turns out, she’s getting in some practice since she’s “rusty.” Apparently she put her thinking cap on during this practice too, because she has the brilliant idea of finding Cyrus’s bottle, having the Knave rub it, and therefore summoning Cyrus back from wherever he is.

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Hate Review: Avatar Part 2

Welcome back, dear readers, to our hate review of Avatar! We ended Part 1 with Jake demonstrating how much better he is at being a Na’vi than the people who were actually BORN Na’vi.

The next scene shows Jake waking up as a human, then going to talk to Sleeves. 

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 11.40.05 PM

Sleeves is still relaxed. You can tell because he has no sleeves.

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Hate Review: Avatar Part 1

James Cameron, Canadian film director and deep-sea explorer, has made boatloads of money off of his various films. His most successful, however, is the 3D “masterpiece” Avatar. A lot of people raved about this movie – it even won three Academy Awards – while we mostly found it boring.


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