How to Fail at Picking Up Girls (with Personal Anecdotes!)


As you might have been able to tell from our blog, we are female. As females, we occasionally have guys try pick up lines on us. Sadly, the vast majority of pick up lines are either delivered at inappropriate times or in an inappropriate way, which leads us to believe that a guide to picking up ladies, written by ladies, might be helpful. To spice this up a bit, we’re also including some actual anecdotes from our own experiences as examples of what NOT to do.

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Cosmo November 2013: Working the Ratio


Cosmo p.146, Nov. 2013. Photographer: Craig Cutler. Annotations by R.

Article: Working the Ratio

Author: Jessica Grose

Summary: This article boils down to one sentence: How to find a man while living and working in a female-dominated environment. That’s right everyone, this entire five page spread is about how to carefully craft yourself so that the few men around you will scoop you up into the wonderful world of coupledom.

Cosmo chooses to present this information by focusing on three situations in which you may face a dearth of guys: university, your profession, and your city. The magazine gives us a wide variety of advice, but, ultimately, most of it boils down to engaging in various activities because they will help you attract a man, not because they could be enjoyable experiences. Basically, make yourself super attractive bait.


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Hate Review: Katy Perry’s Roar

It’s a good time for self-esteem pop anthems. Two that sounded very similar were released almost at the same exact time. For those with taste, we have Sara Bareilles’ “Brave.” For those with color blindness, we have Katy Perry’s “Roar.”

I think you can tell which one we like better.


Full disclosure, this is also A’s favorite singer.

Since there’s been so much talk about how similar these two songs are, we thought that for this hate review we would compare the two and show you, our dear reader, which is superior.

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