Witches of East End 1×07: Unburied (In Which We Prove to be Really Good at Predicting Things)

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This week the witches go with a cold open that sets up the two main plots for the night. In one scene Wendy is sitting bound in a chair within a magic circle while Ingrid tortures her (We are guessing this is not “our” Ingrid; we are later proved right). In the other scene, which turns out to be a dream sequence, a night spent taking inventory at the bar turns into some hot and heavy action for Freya and Killian, but then Freya wakes up next to Dash. Love triangle juxtaposition action!


From there, we start at a point earlier in the day. There is an emphasis that Ingrid is still avoiding Wendy because of the whole “you killed past me” thing before we follow Ingrid to her job at the library. In a wildly obvious plot contrivance she tries to insist she has a dark side, and then she berates a rude man at the library.

2013-11-18 12_58_20

This is evidently supposed to count as her “dark side.”

We later continue with this way too obvious effort to make us believe our Ingrid is the one torturing Wendy. You see, Ingrid has discovered that she and Freya always die young. Joanna naturally gives Ingrid some speech about living your life to the fullest, but Ingrid has already run off, and we are supposed to wonder if it’s to go murder Wendy, but….

….it’s not. Because duh. Instead, Penelope (Dash’s and Killian’s mother) is revealed as both the shapeshifter and Athena, Archibald Browning’s daughter. We didn’t see that one coming AT ALL.


Penelope/Athena reveals herself to the audience by raising Cult Ingrid from the dead. She de-corpse-ifyes her, dresses her in some conveniently modern clothes, and tells her that she needs some kind of golden snake key. Athena believes that Wendy has it, so she promises Formerly Dead Ingrid that she can kill her aunt if she can get the snake key. We are unsure why she just can’t go kill her aunt anyway, key or no, but ok.

Meanwhile in the land of the boring Freya gives Killian the most useless haircut ever. This is all an effort to get some of his hair in order to make a very blue potion which will evidently make her stop dreaming about him. Oh, and Killian is sort of dating Amy, Dash’s fellow doctor.


Luckily, we don’t stick around these parts for long. Wendy’s butterfly-loving hook up from last week (Leo/Freddie Prinze Jr.) is back. And she randomly wants a real relationship with him. We have no idea why; maybe she thinks she’ll need more rare insects for spells? But, regardless, this gives Leo and Wendy a chance to kiss in a random field while Formerly Dead Ingrid watches.

2013-11-18 13_01_42

And makes really weird faces.

Then we finally get all the characters together in one room. There is some event at the library that night. Here, shit goes down. Dash invites Freya to go to London with him, and she accepts enthusiastically.

Freya then decides to toss her last remaining brain cells to the wind and pull Killian away for a bit in order to tell him she has some amorphously bad feeling. Killian takes this as an opportunity to talk about their feelings, and Freya insists it was only a kiss. Naturally, Dash secretly overhears the whole thing.


Ingrid also gets aggressively hit on with very rapey overtones. She is rescued by the man she was earlier rude to in the library (he is either played by Dollhouse’s Enver Gjokaj or someone who looks strikingly like him). Ingrid later thanks him for this later in the episode; after she leaves, he looks intensely at a map of Fairhaven Estate.


From here, it’s back to plot line number one. Formerly Dead Ingrid shows up at Leo’s house and gets Wendy to come with her. Wendy, however, quickly realizes this isn’t present Ingrid. Unfortunately, not quick enough though since Formerly Dead Ingrid magics her down the stairs.

We next return to these two with Wendy tied up and magically circled with red dust. Wendy keeps on insisting the snake key was destroyed centuries ago, but Formerly Dead Ingrid is having none of it. Instead, she is alternatively torturing her aunt and ranting about past wrongs, as all good villains are wont to do.

2013-11-18 13_03_17

She’s got the whole revealing her evil plan thing down pat.

Luckily, Leo shows up at Joanna’s house with Wendy’s purse that she left at his place. Joanna quickly realizes something is up with this, because unlike her youngest daughter she is still in possession of both common sense and intelligence. She uses a spell to locate Wendy, and then she quickly turns Formerly Dead Ingrid into Currently Dead and Made of Ash Ingrid once she arrives on scene.

Unfortunately, Wendy has been killed yet again during the torture session. But don’t worry everyone; she just comes back to life later in the episode as she usually does.


We would prefer Wendy not die.

During the Joanna saving Wendy period, we also have development on the One Love Triangle to Rule Them All angle. Dash punches Killian, Freya freaks out, and Dash then reveals to Freya that he overheard the “we kissed, let’s forget it please” talk between her and Killian. Freya is understandably upset, but we can’t feel pity for anyone in this boring love triangle.

Feeling the pity for Freya that we can’t, Joanna reads her tarot cards. Evidently Freya stands at a cross roads (SHOCKING!). She is torn between Killian and Dash (DOUBLE SHOCK!). One of them is her soulmate, and the other is her destroyer, but there’s no telling which is which. So, good luck with that choice Freya!


We end with there scenes of note. First, Athena creepily stands in front of her father’s portrait and talks to it about how she needs more power. Evidently she must have an idea about how to get it judging by her creepy half smile. Second, Wendy’s necklace has turned from green to red, meaning she is on her last life. Finally, Joanna goes to the garden and digs up the creepy snake key after insisting to Wendy that it was destroyed. This bodes well for the future!


That seemed like a GREAT idea Joanna.

So, tune in next week for some freaky snake key action since Joanna didn’t actually destroy the horribly powerful and not at all dangerous snake key!

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 12.45.32 PM

Say hello to next week’s plot everyone.


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