How to Fail at Picking Up Girls (with Personal Anecdotes!)


As you might have been able to tell from our blog, we are female.¬†As females, we occasionally have guys try pick up lines on us. Sadly, the vast majority of pick up lines are either delivered at inappropriate times or in an inappropriate way, which leads us to believe that a guide to picking up ladies, written by ladies, might be helpful. To spice this up a bit, we’re also including some actual anecdotes from our own experiences as examples of what NOT to do.

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The Most Awkward Thing to Ever Happen to Anyone Ever

Everyone has stories that approach such a level of weird and strange that they seem almost surreal. Maybe you had a conversation in the park about Foucault with Jack Nicholson or your driving instructor enlists you to stalk her boyfriend as part of your lesson (Well, that last one is A’s story for another day). However, R’s story, this story, beats all of those.

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