Sharknado Defies Logic and Science in Its Pursuit of Camp


Sharknado is one of the few SyFy original movies that actually became a cult phenomenon (SyFy’s motto is: if at first you don’t succeed, try try again) so when we saw it on Amazon Prime, we had to watch it as connoisseurs of silly SyFy movies. Overall, it was super campy movie that we both thoroughly enjoyed watching for its sheer hilarity.

The movie follows a bar owner, his two friends, estranged wife, son, and daughter as they try to survive first a typhoon and then three tornados that have thrown a mess of sharks into the air and in every available space on the land. There are sharks in the street, sharks in the sewers, sharks flying through roofs, and sharks in people’s houses. Eventually, the only way to save everyone in California is to throw bombs into the tornado, which will make them dissipate because of the warm air…or something.

The trick to watching this movie is: don’t think about it too hard. Sure, sharks that were lifted out of the water, spun around, and then tossed back to land probably wouldn’t live long enough to snack on anyone. Sure, bombs wouldn’t dissipate a tornado and no helicopter could get close enough to allow the people to actually throw the bombs in.

But that’s not the point of SharknadoSharknado is all about watching hilariously improbable violence involving sharks. Like the shark slurping up the guy on the boat like a piece of spaghetti, or the shark that somehow ripped a girl’s shirt off but didn’t leave a scratch on her. All this culminates in the movie’s crowning glory: the main character cutting himself and his female friend out of a sharks’ stomach with a chainsaw. It was so gross, yet so hilarious.

Sharknado Chainsaw Shark

This scene is another thing you shouldn’t think about too hard.

So, just watch Sharknado, enjoy it, and only occasionally think of things like logic and physics and biology.


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