Grave Halloween Throws the Plot Out in Favor of Killing More People


Watching Grave Halloween is a confusing experience. First we thought the plot was too obvious. Then we thought they’d actually made a creative plot. Finally we realized that we were wrong on both counts because the plot did not exist. However, if you’re looking for a movie that kills a lot of people, look no farther than Grave Halloween.

This SyFy original movie follows a group of college kids in Japan who are making a documentary about their friend’s quest to find her mother’s body in “Suicide Forest” and give it a proper burial. They run into terror when a group of pranksters who followed them in steal a dead man’s watch and the ghosts rise up to take their revenge.

But wait! There’s more! It turns out that our main character, Maiko (who is not at all Japanese), actually repressed a large part of her childhood and so forgot that she had a sister whom her mother killed. Now her mother is trying to lure Maiko into the forest/ghost realm so Maiko will die and stay with her forever.

The movie combines some real things like Suicide Forest and hungry ghosts but doesn’t really do them justice. For instance, a Japanese man named Jin mysteriously appears to guide them through the forest, and it’s clear right off the bat that he is a ghost. It’s also clear that there’s more to Maiko’s relationship with her mom than meets the eye. But throughout the film we get hints of some larger story that never comes to fruition, so when the final twist occurs, we’re left feeling disappointed.

Why does Jin help the homicidal mom pursue her daughter? Why doesn’t the good sister ghost actually defend Maiko from homicidal mom? Are all people who commit suicide automatically turned evil and murderous in the afterlife? And why couldn’t Maiko have performed the burial ceremony and send her mom onto the next world, thereby saving herself and her friends?

These questions are never answered, but what we do get is a lot of death. We see a guy hang himself, a ghost crush a man’s heart, another guy getting stabbed in the neck, and a particularly painful scene where man has his face eaten off by bugs coming out of a lady’s mouth. As you’d expect from a SyFy movie, the effects are pretty bad, but ultimately “Grave Halloween” gets its point across: The scare is more important than the plot.


RDJ disapproves, and so do we. But it’s Syfy, so what do you expect?


6 thoughts on “Grave Halloween Throws the Plot Out in Favor of Killing More People

      • I’m glad I decided to skip this one, elegantly out though.

        On an unrelated note, I’m starting Beast of the Bering Sea as I type this-
        I expect to have many, ahem, “giggles”.

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  2. “Grave Halloween” had a promising start and the character of Jin had potential to be a good ghost. Perhaps they could of thrown a back story with him. Maybe he was a family man and lost his family in an accident. This drove him to suicide. His spirit redeems itself by helping Maiko and his spirit is at peace with his family in some afterlife. I guess we’ve seen that too much so that adds nothing new to the table for the viewers. The stuff with the spirits being evil and homicidal was offensive to me as that forest does exist and real people did take their own lives. Had I wrote this picture, I would of had a subplot or twist where there was a killer who was killing people in the forest and made them look like suicides so police wouldn’t question anything. Maybe have the Jin character as the killer and he killed Maiko’s mother? For some reason, that’s where I thought this movie was going. The killer part, like there was something more to these deaths than suicides. The actual ending is arguable as we weren’t expecting Maiko’s mother to be twisted. Least I didn’t. The problem with it was that it was thrown in with no build up. It was a slap in the face and not a good one. At first I was surprised this was a “Syfy original” as it was pretty good in the beginning. Then it did become a “Syfy original.” This could of been a lot better as the filmmakers could of took the story in many different parts but opted to give us a traditional haunted forest movie. “Ghosts are evil! Ahhhh!!! Run”

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