The “Tragedy” of the Wrong Number

Today, R got a text from a person she didn’t know who was weirdly insistent that she had the right number. R handled the situation calmly yet firmly…


…and then we decided to make up a backstory for text girl (we know she’s a girl based on the email address she sent the text from).

Picture this: text girl is dancing at a club in her very best outfit. She sees a handsome stranger across the room. Their eyes meet…he quickly looks away. She sidles up to him and coyly asks him for a drink. He says “Sorry, I’m broke.” Undeterred, she asks him for his number. He writes it on a napkin, hands it over, and leaves.

Cut to the next day. Text girl puts the number in, types her wittiest greeting, and hits send. Then she discovers that the number was fake! The tragedy! The heartbreak! We think it might have looked something like this:



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