What Bothers a Bro?

Everyone has a pet peeve, something little that annoys them in every day life. Our downstairs neighbors are no exception to this rule! And, luckily for us, they were willing to share their pet peeves with the world while sitting on their balcony and drinking.

Here they are in handy list form:

1) Being in line behind people buying lottery tickets. “I just want to buy my 99 cent mountain dew and you’re buying $22 worth of lottery tickets”

2) People who get drunk to fit in “You don’t have to be fucking shit faced to get my respect.”

3) People who get drunk or have sex with someone and then talk about it later

4) Chewing gum “My grandma did that!”

5) When no one raises their hand in class after a professor asks a question. “It’s obvious that no one did the reading.” (note: if this annoys you, too, then you are a gunner and should feel ashamed of yourself)

Gunners get the cone of shame.


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