Let’s Meet Our Contestants!

Today the downstairs neighbors decided to have a “deep” discussion by imitating eighth graders playing MASH. As always, it took place on the balcony.

Their favorite color? Purple! “It’s a cool ass color. It’s like kinda blue, kinda red, therefore it’s purple.”


They’d like to live in suburbia: “I can’t breathe if I live close to work”


Pictured above: the effects of living near work.

There was some disagreement on beach vs. mountain. One would always choose beach and the other was very definite about mountains.

Asked where they would go if they could go anywhere in the world, one of them replied….”North Carolina.”


Finally, they all tried to describe themselves in three words. These words included:

“It’s easier to describe yourself in one word than in three.”

Line up, ladies! These geniuses are single.



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